A passionate “ship nerd” since the late 1990s, I discovered the gaming platform “Virtual Sailor” by Ilan Papini in 2004. An amazing program where I could sail a multitude of ships through an impressive “virtual world”.¬†After a few years of playing Virtual Sailor as a user only I became frustrated by one simple problem… My favorite ship, the SS Norway, was not available for download in the game. For months I waited and hoped that someone with the skill set and passion would undertake this monumental project. However, no one ever did. In March of 2006, I joined the Virtual Sailor forums under the username “Murdoch” and made the public commitment to memorializing the SS Norway, who was at that very moment on her way to the beaches in Alang, India, in virtual reality. The road to learning the skills of modeling objects was long and difficult. After many versions and a few failed attempts, I was able to finally release the final version of the SS Norway for Virtual Sailor in September of 2015.

Along the way, I was able to complete a wide variety of other models, Disney Magic, Island Princess, Queen Elizabeth 2, and Queen Mary 2. Each model was more detailed and more accurate than the one before, as my ability and knowledge of 3D modeling, as well as the ships themselves, grew. Today, more than a decade after I began my journey, I have a number of ongoing projects which promise to keep me busy for years to come. modeling some of the greatest vessels of our time and immortalizing legends into virtual reality!