Queen Mary 2 update!

My model of Queen Mary 2 had been updated to reflect her new look, following her refit in June of last year. Although this version is not yet available for download I hope to have it available soon. Here is a look at the updated QM2 in Virtual Sailor…


We’ve Got The “Fun”!

Proud to announce that work had begun on yet another legendary liner to grace the virtual seas. She will be the third and final installment in my “Pioneer” series. Which consist of the Pacific Princess, the SS Norway 1980, and finally the original ship of the Carnival Cruise Line… T.S.S MARDI GRAS!

So as a “thank you” for your continued support and interest in my models I would like to share a sneak peak of the next vessel on the miguelMURDOCH production line: The “Fun Ship” Mardi Gras”!!!


“In 33 Wochen eine Lady”


I am proud to formally announce that the next installment of the SS Norway is now in full development! This model will return the legendary Norway to her 1980 livery, as she would have appeared on her maiden voyage in the spring of 1980. After weeks of pouring through historical photographs, plans, and video the model is now nearing completion. Here is a look at the progress so far…


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“The Love Boat soon will be making another run…”


11The legendary “Love Boat” was launched in 1970 at Nordseewerke Ship Building in West Germany as “Sea Venture” for the Norwegian owned Flagship Cruises. During her time with Flagship Cruises the “Sea Venture” sailed between New York and Bermuda, fulfilling a contract between the line and the government of Bermuda. In April of 1974 “Sea Venture” played a crucial role in the rescue of 1,600 passengers from the “Queen Elizabeth 2”.  Following a boiler failure and subsequent turbine shutdown which left the great Cunarder adrift for three days.



7She would eventually be sold to P&O in the mid-1970s and subsequently transferred to Princess Cruise Line in 1977. That same year Princess Cruise Line executives agreed to allow the ship to be used in a new ABC sitcom “The Love Boat”, produced by Aaron Spelling. During the series run from 1977-1986 “The Love Boat” sailed into the homes, and hearts, of millions around the world as she carried viewers to exotic destinations each week. The effect of the series on the cruise industry endures to this day.Suddenly the average couple from Kansas or Montana, who would have had no previous exposure to cruising, were booking a cruise as their next vacation. Following 25 successful years with Princess Cruise Line the “Pacific Princess” retired in 2002. Her latter years as the “Pacific” were far less glamorous and eventually lead to scrapping on the sands of a Turkish beach in 2013.


10So just to make if official, I AM BUILDING The Love Boat!!! Yet another maritime icon is being forever immortalized in virtual reality with the production of a model in honor of the great ship, “Pacific Princess”!

The Love Boat soon will be making another run!!!”






MIGUEL MURDOCH VAULT is now available!!!

After years of request, what so many of you have been asking for has arrived, the Miguel Murdoch Vault is now available. Simply follow the link below and you will be granted instant access to all the models currently available in the Miguel Murdoch Vault FOR FREE! Currently available are: Caronia, Queen Elizabeth 2(as she appeared in 1985), Island Princess, Pacific Sun, SS Norway V1, V2, and V3. As time progresses more models will be added to the Miguel Murdoch Vault, including the future release of the Carnival Ecstacy for Virtual Sailor. So please come and join us as an exclusive member of the Miguel Murdoch Vault and be sure and bookmark the page so you can keep up with the latest news and add-ons!